XenonRTM Overview

Effective release and transition management is central to nearly all IT projects at scale and one area that exposes the organization to significant potential risk. And yet, until now there have been no best practices for managing these complex projects built into software for planning and execution. Instead, IT and Project Management professionals along with their Systems Integrator colleagues have had to rely on general-purpose spreadsheets, presentations and documents to communicate and manage a complex web of interdependent activities.

The challenges facing IT and Project Managers during releases and transitions are amplified by the current climate of reduced budgets and shortened project timeframes coupled with the visibility that accompanies high profile projects. What is needed is a way to reduce the risk of these releases and transitions by exposing potential pitfalls early in the process, manage scarce resources, and increase stakeholder visibility from end-to-end.

XenonRTM, built on the Xenon platform, is the command center for release and transition management – to take organizations from planning to execution to steady state. As a purpose-built solution for either Release or Transition Management, XenonRTM fills critical process gaps not addressed by traditional solutions.

Release 360

Project 360